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Special FX Makeup for "CANDY SKIN"


"Candy Skin"

Red Razor Pictures​ - CANDY SKIN has been so far one of the most fun and rewarding projects so far. If you haven't see it yet, I highly suggest you do.

We've had great praise for our makeup as well:

Horror-Movies.ca​ says: "...4/5 Stars"

"...And of course, the practical effects. Yeah, they’re really good, much like the beginning of the article where I reference David Cronenberg and body horror, there must be some inspiration here as we have some glorious moments of flesh falling away from the body..."

Gruesome Magazine says:

"...Special makeup effects artist Michel Pennington of On Scene FX does an astounding job with the gorey, graphic effects on display. Without going too far into spoiler territory, suffice it to say that practical body horror effects are in abundance in Candy Skin, and the classic tagline “not for the squeamish” definitely applies here..."

Adam Paul Weber​ - "Adam the Movie God" Says:

"...The practical effects and makeup work is of a high standard and took the short in a direction I didn’t think it was heading..."

Northern Frights Festival


Link to Trailer:


Link to the Making of Makeup:


Thank you and congratulations to Kyle Martellacci​ and all the cast and crew for an awesome run so far!

We are proud of the work we do and I can promise, IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER!