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Prosthetic Creation - Silicone Flat Moulds 2 Week course

March 9, 2018 to March 18, 2018
ON SCENE FX - 174 Colonnade Road - Unit 32


Course Focus:

  • Lifecasting
  • Shop safety
  • Material use
  • Sculpting in clay
  • Floating the sculpture
  • Mould Prep
  • Silicone flat moulds
  • Casting a silicone appliance
  • Prosthetic application

Hands on experience

Up to date industry information

Small Class size

Certificate given

No “additional costs”. We provide everything you need*.


*Students must bring proper PPE (Filtration and eye protection)

*Student must bring own model


Silicone flat moulds are some of the most flexible moulds as far as uses. We will use them to create facial prosthetics, which we will then apply. Silicone flat moulds are often used to also make generic wound type prosthetics. Go from Lifecast to application and learn all the tips and tricks to be successful in doing quality prosthetic work.


This is part 1 of a possible 2 part course.  Part 1 is FLAT MOULDS and part 2 is TWO PART MOULDS. You are buying  the FLAT MOULDS course.  Each course can be bought seperately and is independent of each other.  But together, you'll have a much stronger mould making and prosthetic creation skills.


Subtotal950.00 CAD
HST123.50 CAD
Price1,073.50 CAD
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Prosthetic Creation - Silicone Flat Moulds 2 Week course