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January 20th
ON SCENE FX - 174 Colonnade Road - Unit 32

LIFECASTING is not something to be taken lightly and certainly not something to be attepmted just by watching a video.  You really don't know who is teaching you.  Many of them do use the wrong materials or use total desreguard for the person's safety.  LIFECASTING on the surface looks fairly straight forward but there are many intricacies to it that can make it sucessful or not.  Safety is our number one concern. Lifecasting has been through changes. Some have embraced and followed these changes and some are oblivious to it.

Learn in a safe environment where you will be coached every step of the way. You will get your hand dirty! This is a hands on and demontration course.  Learn the pitfalls, what materials to use, how to prepare your model, different casting materials, and much more.

You will be lifecasting a full face and then be lifecasted yourself!  In the afternoon, after lunch, we switch roles so the other person can either lifecast or be lifecasted.

In the Makeup FX industry, this is a BASIC skill. It is from a lifecast that you sculpt and from that sculpt comes a mould and from that mould you cast your prosthetic. So this Lifecast can be used as a practice tool for your sculpting or just as a decorative piece for your home.

This is a two day course.  The second day will be a full torso lifecast demo. You can purchase both days or just day one.  You cannot purchase just day 2. 


DAY 1:

- Why Lifecast

- Materials

- Safety

- Hands on Practice


DAY 2:

- Torso Lifecast Demo!

Subtotal325.00 CAD
HST42.25 CAD
Price367.25 CAD
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Lifecasting Course - ONE DAY